Experienced Representation In Child Custody And Support Matters

If you are a parent, the well-being of your children is probably your greatest concern when going through any family law dispute. It is difficult to imagine losing any time with your children, much less losing custody altogether.

At Sandoval Law Firm, we understand your concerns, and we are here to help. On this page, you'll find basic information about child custody and support in Texas. When you are ready, we invite you to contact us to get more detailed, case-specific information and advice.

Serving The Best Interests Of The Children

In Texas, courts are required to make child custody decisions in the best interests of the children. Most of the time, that means keeping both parents involved in their children's lives (which doesn't necessarily mean equal custody or parenting time).

Our firm is also committed to serving the best interests of children. To that end, we strongly encourage peaceful, negotiated agreements whenever possible. This prevents children from being caught in the middle of a parental dispute or being asked to choose sides.

Furthermore, a negotiated agreement will likely give you more control over the outcome. Remember that if no agreement can be reached, the decision will be left up to a judge who does not know you or your children.

Negotiation is in everyone's best interests most of the time during divorce proceedings. That being said, it is only possible when both sides are willing to cooperate and speak to each other in good faith. If your spouse or co-parent refuses to negotiate, we will not hesitate to advocate aggressively for your interests in the courtroom.

What To Know About Child Support

Unlike child custody determinations, child support awards tend to be more predictable because they are based on a formula. The parent with primary custody (or custody most of the time) will likely receive child support, while the other parent will be asked to pay it.

When calculating payment amounts, the court considers factors such as:

  • Each parent's income
  • How many children need support
  • The basic and special financial needs of each child
  • Age-appropriate costs such as day care, extracurricular activities, food, school supplies, etc.
  • The medical needs of each child, including health insurance
  • Any other factor relevant to the financial needs of the children

One of the biggest concerns that clients have is making sure their income is calculated accurately. This is especially concerning for child support obligors (parents asked to pay support). At your job, you may experience fluctuations in overtime, bonus pay and even weekly hours. We will work with you to ensure that the data being fed into the child support formula is a true reflection of your big-picture financial situation.

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