A Law Firm Addressing Domestic Violence Accusations Seriously And Dispassionately

Domestic violence is a difficult issue to address, regardless of whether you are the victim, the accused or a witness. But just as domestic violence has a huge impact on the family, it will also have a major impact on the divorce and child custody processes. Therefore, it must be addressed openly and by attorneys who know how to approach the subject with sensitivity and professionalism.

That's exactly what you can expect when you contact Sandoval Law Firm. Whether you are the accused or the accuser, we will work to tell your side of the story and represent the facts as accurately as possible.

When there's evidence of domestic abuse, sometimes one spouse must secure a protective order to stop it. We can help you obtain a restraining order to ensure your safety and maintain your dignity.

However, there are some instances in which false allegations of domestic violence arise. In these situations, we will make sure that the truth is known.

Ensuring The Safety Of You And Your Children

Domestic violence can include physical, psychological, emotional, sexual or financial abuse. When domestic violence occurs, you may require the services of the police. Also, you may need to leave your home and your family will need a safe place to stay.

When we learn of allegations of domestic violence, we can act immediately by filing an emergency protective order. We're concerned about your safety as well as the safety of your children. Therefore, we will take the necessary actions to make certain you are in a safe place.

Fighting False Accusations

A divorce can bring out some of the worst traits in a spouse, and that includes lying to gain an advantage in divorce or child custody disputes. In such situations, we will advocate for you. Our experienced team knows how to defend against false allegations, and we will work to ensure that your reputation and your relationship with your children are not harmed. When false domestic abuse accusations arise, we will stand by you.

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