A Law Firm Helping You Seek Post-Divorce Modifications And Enforcement

When circumstances in your life change, you may need to seek modifications to the rulings made in your divorce, child custody, child support or spousal support agreements. And the legal professionals at Sandoval Law Firm, are ready to assist you.

We will listen to your concerns and help you present a strong argument for why modifications are warranted. We can also take necessary legal actions to ensure that your spouse is complying with the orders.

Reasons For Post-Divorce Modifications

Post-divorce modifications can be permanent or short term. Among the reasons to consider modifying a family law order include:

  • Changed circumstances concerning a child's needs pertaining to education, health or daily care that require changes to a child custody order, visitation schedule or child support order. This could include the need for additional finances to pay for school activities, braces and insurance.
  • A change of income: Sometimes, a parent may lose a job and is no longer able to meet child support obligations. This parent may seek a temporary or permanent decrease in child support payments. The same may hold true for the parent who is the child's primary caregiver. If his or her income has decreased, he or she may seek an increase in child support from the other parent.
  • A change in family structure or relocation of a parent or child: Parents may seek modifications regarding child support payments or custody orders if they have remarried or are planning to move a significant distance away.
  • An increase in income or a sizable inheritance: A custodial parent may ask the court for an increase in child support if he or she discovers the other parent has received a sizable raise in income or inherited a significant amount of money.

An Advocate For You In Enforcing Or Revising Court Orders

Sometimes, a former spouse intentionally neglects his or her responsibilities concerning court orders. He or she may abruptly stop paying child support, health insurance for the children or other court-ordered financial obligations. When such things happen, we will fight for you and make sure the judge's ruling is enforced.

Our attorneys also understand what actions to take when situations change. We will work to modify existing orders to better meet the new needs and circumstances.

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