The cost of a divorce in Texas depends on a number of factors, including whether the divorce is contested and how large or complex the shared assets are. At Sandoval Family Law, we have been able to finalize divorce cases for less than $2,500. However, in scenarios where one party wants to litigate or does not want to settle amicably, legal fees can quickly add up. 

Here are five factors that may influence how much a divorce costs in Texas: 

  1. Being a high-conflict couple
    Though the term “high-confict” is something of a legal buzzword, it boils down to a couple not being able to fundamentally agree on details of a divorce. Divorce decrees typically come down to deciding how assets and debts should be divided, and how to manage parenting time. However, in a high-conflict divorces, one or both spouses are not willing to agree to even the simplest of terms. If that’s the case, even items like the temporary orders providing a guideline for conduct during the divorce might require lawyers to go back and forth on their parties’ behalf.
  2. Contested divorces
    You don’t have to even be prone to fighting to disagree about the terms of a divorce. If you and your spouse fundamentally differ on core issues — such as who keeps the house and who gets the kids when — that can extend both the time it takes to settle a divorce case and the lawyer hours required for that to happen.
  3. Going to divorce court
    A great number of divorces get settled out of court, even for couples that intend to litigate, but might tire of the wait to get a court date or of the whole divorce process. If a couple does go to court, the cost of the divorce rises considerably. This is because preparing for trial takes time as do the court proceedings.
  4. Collaborative or mediated divorce
    A collaborative or mediated divorce can help a couple settle the terms of a divorce faster and more amicably. When divorcing couples work with trained mediators or collaborative divorce professionals, they can come to compromises about issues such as asset division and child custody. While this process can be less expensive than litigation, it does involve a team putting hours into moving toward a decree.
  5. Agreement on general divorce terms
    To keep divorce costs low, both parties can walk through what they want the outcome to be and reach a compromise ahead of time. In a divorce case you will likely have to divide assets and debts, so it’s important to start compiling documentation that shows what the current state of the assets and debts are. This can help the case move a bit quicker. If you can reach general terms of agreement, you can take the agreement to your respective attorneys and work on final orders.

At Sandoval Law Firm we understand the stress of dealing with divorce, child custody and domestic violence. Our firm consists of founding attorney Raul Sandoval Jr. and a dedicated support staff. Mr. Sandoval earned his law degree from Texas Tech University School of Law. Since that time, he has been practicing family law in the Austin area, as well as teaching seminars, classes and other forms of professional development.