Divorce is an emotional experience. But there are ways to prepare yourself for the inevitable stress. If you and your spouse have determined that it is time for your marriage to come to an end, there are a number of things you should consider as you move forward with the divorce. 

For those who are unfamiliar with the divorce process and who may be overwhelmed with the intense emotions of the experience, here are five things to keep in mind before, during, and after the divorce.

  1. Understand what is at stake. Consider all the factors of filing for a divorce, including the money it will cost in legal fees as well as the amount you could potentially lose if the dirvorce is contested and you have large shared assets. If you have children, you’ll also need to think about how your time with them will be affected as well as child custody and child support payments.
  2. Be ready to answer tough questions. It’s not uncommon for people who are divorcing to ask themselves what they should do with their assets, such as retirement accounts, real estate, and other property. This is especially true when one spouse has been the primary breadwinner during the marriage. As you dig into your shared history with your spouse, your joint assets, your ability to be a fit parent, and more, you will need to answer some challenging questions and possibly hear some difficult answers. 
  3. Don’t let emotions get in the way of making decisions in your best interest. If you’re going through a divorce, it’s natural to feel stressed out and overwhelmed by the situation. You might also feel angry, sad, anxious, guilty, or depressed. These feelings are normal, but they can make it difficult to think clearly and act rationally. Don’t let anger at your spouse or grief over the situation prevent you from making decisions that will benefit you and your children in the long run. 
  4. Find support from friends and family. It’s important to get support from friends and family when you’re going through a tough time. They’ll be able to offer advice and encouragement as well as provide practical assistance.
  5. Take care of yourself. You need to take care of yourself during divorce proceedings. This means eating right, getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, and taking breaks throughout the day. If you feel your stress is unmanageable, you can talk with your doctor about what medications or treatments might work for you.

Finally, if you are considering filing for divorce or your spouse has decided that they want a divorce, it is important to hire an experienced family law attorney who can guide you through the process. A divorce lawyer can do everything from helping you fill out paperwork to ensuring you meet filing deadlines to representing you in court. 

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