Lawyers are professionals who provide legal advice and services for individuals and businesses. They represent clients in court cases, negotiate contracts, draft documents, and advise on business matters. 

If you’ve never hired a lawyer before, you may be wondering what types of questions to ask your prospective attorney. Here are seven questions to get you started:

  1. Do They Have Experience Representing Clients Like Me?
    ​​When choosing a lawyer, there are several things you should consider. First, find out if the lawyer has experience representing clients like you. You want to be sure he or she understands what you’re going through and has handled similar situations before.
  2. Are They Experienced In The Area Of Law That I Need Help With?
    It’s also important to ask whether they specialize in the area of law that you need help with. A general practice lawyer might not be able to handle your particular situation as well as a specialist who has worked on similar cases in the past.
  3. Will They Be Able to Meet My Budget?
    If you want to find out if your lawyer will be able to meet your budget, ask them what kind of payment plan they offer. Some lawyers charge hourly rates while others charge flat fees. You should also ask whether there are any additional costs involved before signing a contract.
  4. Can They Provide References from Past Clients?
    If you want to find out if a particular lawyer is right for you, you should be able to get references from past clients. You should ask them whether they were satisfied with the service provided by the lawyer. The best lawyers will be happy to share information about their previous clients.
  5. Is Their Office Environment Comfortable For Me?
    If you feel uncomfortable with the office environment of a particular attorney, then you might not enjoy being there or working with them. It’s also possible that the lawyer isn’t as professional as he/she seems. Asking about the office environment is particularly important if you have a disability or physical condition that makes some spaces inaccessible for you.
  6. Can I See Their Credentials?
    Asking to see a lawyer’s credentials can help determine whether they are qualified to handle your case. You can also always check with the State Bar Association (SBA) website to verify that the lawyer is licensed to practice law in your area.
  7. Will They Be Personally Handling My Case?
    Some lawyers in larger practices may delegate some of their casework and responsibilities to other attorneys in the firm or to paralegals. If it is important to you to work with a single individual from start to finish, ask if the lawyer will be personally handling your case in its entirety.

This blog does not constitute legal advice. For more information about hiring a family law attorney in Texas, reach out to Sandoval Family Law today.