If you are hiring a family law attorney for the first time, you may be intimidated by the process. How do you make sure you find a good lawyer? What are some red flags to watch out for? Lawyers and legal professionals may present themselves as experienced and good at their job, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the case. 

Here are seven warning signs to look for when hiring an attorney. 

    1. No experience with your type of case. If a lawyer has no experience practicing law in your case area, that’s a big warning sign. You want an expert in your field, so you shouldn’t hire a novice or someone who specializes in a different area of law. 
    2. They won’t answer questions about fees and costs. Lawyers who won’t answer questions about fees and costs could be hiding something. It’s possible that they’re inexperienced, but more likely that they are not being up front and honest. 
    3. Lack of references.  A good lawyer will be able to provide you with references or recommendations so that you make an informed decision about whether you want to hire them. If an attorney refuses to do so, it’s possible that their reviews aren’t very positive. 
    4. Lack of communication. When you are in the middle of a family law case, such as divorce or child custody, you want an attorney who will be responsive, communicative, and up front with you. 
    5. Conflict of interest. If you are looking to hire a lawyer, ensure that there is no conflict of interest. For example, in a divorce case, if an attorney knows your spouse or your spouse’s attorney, you may want to keep looking. It will give you peace of mind to know your attorney can be completely objective in your case. 
    6. They are rude to you. It may seem obvious, but if an attorney is rude or offensive, you should not hire them to represent you. Attorneys are often busy individuals who are under a lot of stress, but they should never take this out on their clients. You don’t need to be best friends with your attorney, but you should feel that they respect you. 
    7. They are disorganized or unprepared. If an attorney seems flustered and unprepared for your consultation, this is an indication of how they will show up if you hire them. Lost or missing paperwork, tardiness, lack of communication, and ignorance of your type of case are all warning signs when hiring an attorney. 

This blog does not constitute legal advice. If you are facing divorce or a child custody battle in Texas, it is important to work with a family law attorney. We encourage you to call us at 512-580-2449 to discuss your paternity case.