Every divorce case is different. Some divorces come as a sudden shock to one of the spouses, while other divorces have been expected or planned for some time. Divorce is a complex legal process involving a detailed investigation and analysis of each spouse’s behavior and finances. In many situations, both parties agree to the divorce and are willing to negotiate about how assets are divided. However, in some instances, one spouse may not want a divorce and may put up a fight. 

In a contested divorce, couples do not agree about the division of assets, child support, custody or other terms of the divorce. Contested divorces are generally more complicated, more expensive, and move through divorce court more slowly than uncontested divorces. Disagreements over dividing assets often cause the divorce to drag on for months or even years. If the couple cannot come to an agreement, all issues surrounding finances and children are decided by a judge rather than the spouses.

Whether you go to trial depends on your ability to come to an agreement with your spouse over the terms of your divorce. Going to trial is expensive and puts control of the decisions about children, assets and support into the hands of the court. 

Contested divorces can be messy and divorce laws are complicated. While the state of Texas does not require you to hire an attorney when filing for divorce, we recommend at least consulting with a lawyer before you file for divorce—especially if you believe the divorce will be contested. 

At Sandoval Law Firm we understand the stress of dealing with divorce, child custody and domestic violence. Our firm consists of founding attorney Raul Sandoval Jr. and a dedicated support staff. Mr. Sandoval earned his law degree from Texas Tech University School of Law. Since that time, he has been practicing family law in the Austin area, as well as teaching seminars, classes and other forms of professional development.